Zenithotz Internal Settings Options

Zenithbotz are chat-bots they are a fresh way of engaging your users to promote viral lead capture, they look great, work quick and flow well.

Our Zenithbotz can pass leads immediately to you in real time and easily integrates into your domain.

The below shown lists represent what you can connect zenithbotz too capture leads with and what types of options to use to create the Zenithbotz
Within the zenithbot settings there is
  • Google Sheets Integration - send csv or send via google sheets
  • Email for notifications - where we send leads
  • Zapier Webhook URL - from your account
  • Domain whitelist ( eg - yourdomain.com,2yourdoman.co.nz
  • Responses
  • Mailchimp API key - from your account
  • Klaviyo API key - from your account

Within the zenithbotz flow settings there is options at present to

  • Create Questions
  • Create Surveys
  • Create Options
  • Create Loop Backs
  • Create Redirects
  • Apply Multi Choice Flows
  • Add Airtables Access
  • Add Comments
  • Add Video
  • Add Images
  • Create Internal Block Loops
  • Auto Send Request Blocks
  • Add Auto send email Response Blocks
Examples of these applications are viewable at all the below links
10% Discount Code plus Email Capture Bot as evidenced on our front page
Capture Email plus Pre-Customer Background On boarding Survey - Product Inquiry Capture Bot as shown on the Tools page within our chatbot capturing all nature of Client Lead.











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