Zenithbotz Competition

Win A Zenithbotz free for 6 months
We have 4 prizes up for grabs,eeem read on.
It is easy to enter;
Give us your name, phone, email and reason you want to win.
First Prize; Your own bot builder, yes that is correct..
Second Prize; One of our 6 Month Zenithbotz Strong Subscriptions.
Third Prize; Just as great a offer as the rest, 6 months of your own Short Survey, Contact Form and Website Catalog overview with a limit of 3 products per Catalog, Main catalogs please with of course connection to the relevant page background going with the product highlighted.
And our 4th Prize; A Contact Lead Capture bot and 2 product highlights and relevant information to go with those two highlighted products or services and links to your about us,contact us and one other page of your choice, again free for your site for 6 months
Rules: How does this work.
Overview, you enter and win any of these prizes and we put it together for you, free of charge, please note, no marketing is included in this offer, each product needs configuration and on our end , it is all our cost, your own web developer is responsible for installing this to your site, if you do not have one, just talk to us, I am sure we can help.
Please note the bot builder allows you to build out of the box bots and is a great out of the box tool, The bot builder does not include any marketing, at all, that is your responsibility.
All subscriptions offered are at no cost to you and again please note; They do not include marketing offers, the last prize like the rest has no marketing attached either and like the rest someone your side needs to install them.
To qualify is easy, we want you to share NZ Quantum Healing facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/nzquantumhealing) on one of your social media channels and follow our Zenithagencynz facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/zenithagencynz/) plus fill in the details requested in this competition page or within the Zenithbotz competition page located in the first options tab labeled Competitions located inside our zenithbotz Mr Zenith, seen on all pages in our website. Other rules are; You may NOT on sell what we create you, the software is ours. The bot builder is for you only to promote your own site and business, not others, if you wish to do this, we need to talk first and come to an amicable agreement on how you use our software, if this is you, say so upfront please, use the last block titled Message, tell us there if you want to monetize our software. Extra rules are you can enter only once, you are able to share this competition with others, whom, like you must only enter once. Lastly if the bot is to be translated, the translation is your responsibility not ours, I can copy and paste what is wrote, that is all.
Please Note - you need to have a website or online presence to enter this competition, as this is software for a commercial product focused on business use only.
Last Notes for you to follow.
if you choose to Enter our competition via this page.
You must do this, so we know you are not a robot.
Enter in the Subject bar below.
Win Zenithbotz Competition
Bar that add all other details to our competition form below.
Why should you win, be descriptive, not just a one sentence wonder please. These prizes are worthy of a good, creative response.
Note the last block, the Message bar form field below is used only if you wish to monetize our product, if that is you add a little detail on your idea please.
Thank you.
Drawn March 31 - 2021 Midday NZ Time
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