Zenithbotz Code Install Instructions

Install is easy

1 - Copy your Zenithbotz Code provided in your downloaded product.
2 - Paste that code within your site before the body tag.</body>
like so...

 <sxxxxt src="https://app.xxxxxx.ai/js/xxxx_plugin.js" xxxx-bot-id="xxxx"></sxxxxt>


It will straight away capture leads immediately in real time and send them to you.
Note Please - The email address supplied during your initial purchase will be the default address used to send the captured leads too.
That is assuming no other method is choose to post your leads to.
We note that is a real cheap method to track leads without 3rd party integration.
Also to boot it is also a great way to try our service whilst exploring our plans further, that was an upsell there.
So you have read thus far and now quietly say, um code, um body tag...aaahh.
If that is you keep reading, if still lost at the end of it; Go here if all else fails, leave a message, the Zenithapreneur Specialist will reply ASAP.

Now lets look at some popular Platforms to add our code to.

Add Code to | Shopify

  1. Log in to your Shopify Administration Dashboard.
  2. Click “Online Store”, then click “Themes”.
  3. In the top-right corner, next to your current theme, click the “Actions” button.
  4. Click “Edit Code”.
  5. Under 'Layout', click theme. ...
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the document – just before the closing body tag (</body>).
  7. Still confused with shopify instructions, easy fix and it costs a buck a month.
  8. i know i use it, install an app called xo insert code off there app store,it does it for you.
  9. Just place the code  in the app and choose where to place it and it is done.

Add Code to | Wordpress

Inserting scripts before the closing </body> tag when signed in
  1. Right click on your website.
  2. Click 'View Source'
  3. Copy the script URL you are trying to insert.
  4. On the 'View Source' page, click ctrl+f to open up a search box.
  5. Paste your script in and click search.
To follow that tutorial to the end follow the link below.
Or add one of there plugins located Here.by WPBeginner - 
Inserting Scripts In The WordPress Head Or Body Using ...

Add Code to | Bigcommerse
  1. Sign into your account on your website.
  2. Click 'Theme Settings'
  3. Go to Script manager add it in there.
  4. a more detailed instruction can be found Here
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