Zenithbotz Appointment Setter

Anyone who sells anything online needs this tool.

If instant communication with you is what you seek and without much delay in answering your prospective client' is what you want. We have you covered.

Welcome the Zenithbotz Appointment Setter.

We all need to set up appointments. Yet some people have no way of achieving that simple goal, let alone finding it online and buying a booking system at a reasonable cost.

Allow us to introduce to you the no mess, easy to use system, that will send all the relevant information to you straight away, all you need to do is agree with the booking' or disagree, simple as that; That is the Zenithbotz Appointment Setter.

Why pay huge dollars for something you can either buy as a stand alone product or add it to a Zenithbotz product you already own so you can receive those important appointments today.

Do not miss revenue, when you are busy doing other tasks, automate it, future proof yourself in 2021.

Keeping it simple is what we say.

Capture sales leads, pass them to your sales team yourself or send them direct to them. It should never be a complex task capturing your website visitor's details. If it is, you are using the wrong tool.

This particular Zenithbotz Appointment Setter captures your clients Full Name, Email Address, there Telephone Number plus the Service Offering that they are requesting; As well as both the day and the Time Preferred for there appointment.

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Dependent on how it is configured; The details the Zenithbotz automatically collects can be set up to be sent to you in real time to a specific email address, or a google sheet even a custom Email client like Mailchimp. That frequency could be changed from instant receiving of the lead to daily, weekly, monthly , whatever you tell us.

*Note...All data is stored automatically within the Zenithbotz for safe secure lead capture.

**This product could have other features added like the Wi-fi Zenithbotz Assistant, just ask us, if you need a custom configuration.

The Zenithbotz Appointment Setter Tool - is for services within your business that can benefit from a' easy to use' no frills' Booking Appointment Assistant Tool. You tell us the hours, days of the week, what is it called or whom it may reference too and we set it up, possibilities of use are varied.

Great for multi set up facilities that have more than one provider doing the same thing..Examples: Nail Technicians, Hair Stylists, Makeup Artists, etc... Please note you need to confirm these bookings with your client if you use this tool, noting you could automate it, if you use google workspace and its calendar system.