What are Zenithbotz

Zenithbotz are chat-bots they are a fresh way of engaging your users to promote viral lead capture, they look great, work quick and flow well.

Our Zenithbotz can pass leads immediately to you in real time and easily integrates into your domain.

Five important notes to ensure successful integration for Zenithbotz.
1 - The downloaded zenithbotz you receive when you order from us is a deployment tool. 
2 - Zenithtestbot our deployment tool is offered only under the rights of development use, it is to test the integration of our product to your domain.
It is set up to appear on specific 
he URLs on your website must match any of these words.
blog, about, contact, news.
3 - All Zenithbotz need configuration, so delivery of the final product can be up to 48 hours from initial purchase assuming all relevant information is accurate an none missing, plus it may be dependent on my work load as the job tasked may be a lot larger than anticipated, on the other hand, it may be quicker.
I prefer all details are checked, then your completed script is sent to you.
Hence a working Zenithbotz is sent with you order, no downtime, simple as that, a change of 4 numbers'' bam, it displays your Zenithbotz
4 - In your download, you receive, a quick installation guide, our deployment test Zenithbotz plus a reminder on did you send in your whitelist or klaviyo key or other things applicable to your purchase needs.
3 - Please note, the email address supplied during your initial purchase of this product will be the default address used to send the captured leads too, if this is to be changed, please let me know ASAP.
5 - Note the zenithbotz settings displayed on this page, those various settings within it, if you recognize any of them, please add those details too, if you have I.T support, get them to look as well.
Zenithbotz can be place on either side at the bottom of your site and the type of avatars offered are shown within the options tabs, the avatar you choose will be what your visitors see when they open your Zenithbotz, ** want your own avatar, plans are the way to go.
Within this site our bot Mr Zenith say, hi and asks do you want a discount code, if it is a yes, it captures there details and then rewards them with the code to apply at our store, Note - the codes are predefined and only usable with our Zenithbotz, of course if it was your bot, your code would be different.

Other Notes -

When you purchase this product you receive a download link that has everything in it you need to set up your Zenithbotz quickly,

All one needs to do once your download arrives is.

Copy the Zenithbotz Code from the download message to add / apply to your website(s) of choice, detailed instructions for a few eCommerce channels are in the Zenithbotz Code Install Instructions folder located - Here.

This particular resource will prepare you for setting up your Zenithbotz and describes how to subscribe to our marketing service to add your own details to the bots, be it videos, hyperlinks, stock photos, etc.

Each subscription is set up to automate your bot and allow an easy interface for customer interaction and simplicity to get your assets to us for instant update of your Zenithbotz

The below shown lists represent what you can connect zenithbotz too capture leads with and what types of options to use to create the Zenithbotz
Within the zenithbotz settings there is
  • Google Sheets Integration - send csv or send via google sheets
  • Email for notifications - where we send leads
  • Zapier Webhook URL - from your account
  • Domain whitelist ( eg - yourdomain.com,2yourdoman.co.nz
  • Responses
  • Mailchimp API key - from your account
  • Klaviyo API key - from your account

Within the Zenithbotz flow settings there is options to

  • Create Questions
  • Create Surveys
  • Create Options
  • Create Loop Backs
  • Create Redirects
  • Apply Multi Choice Flows
  • Add Airtables Access
  • Add Comments
  • Add Video
  • Add Images
  • Create Internal Block Loops
  • Auto Send Request Blocks
  • Add Auto send email Response Blocks











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