Treadbot Problem Diagnosis

DEMONSTRATION OF A ZENITHBOTZ within the automotive tyre industry

Are you set up to automatically 24 / 7 too mine leads, well are you.

This page reflects how redirected URLs can be used within a Zenithbotz flow process, it demonstrates in this instance how URL transitions can be put to practical use going from service page to service page and the chatbot still being at the same place the client was at when the URL transition was activated.

Please note that all such redirected URLs could be used with other useful digital assets such as a product or alternative service or extra information relevant to that service or product and of course any collected information or lead capture can be sent in real time to a number of external sources, ranging from email on your phone to a zapier zap or klaviyo or airtable database, the options are varied, the leads all priceless.

Have a play its pretty cool.

It even has a NZ winz quote option too, just in a drafted state, but again a cool add-on and another practical lead capture technique saving you time.

The Treadbot is set to accept lead and answer input but it does not store it, it is just to show you a industry use example.

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