Survey Zenithbotz

You can custom make surveys of all types, your imagination is your limitation.

We all use surveys and forms of all natures to collect client details, make it your own and add it to a chatbot, that is what we say.

Survey Zenithbotz are custom made suiting your exact needs collecting all the correct information in the manner you laid out.

Allow us to introduce to you a easy to use system, that will send all the relevant information to you straight away.

Capture sales leads, pass them to your sales team yourself or send them direct to them. It should never be a complex task capturing your website visitor's details. If it is, you are using the wrong tool.

These particular Survey Zenithbotz captures your clients details laid out within the custom made survey.

Dependent on how it is configured; The details the Zenithbotz automatically collects can be set up to be sent to you in real time to a specific email address, or a google sheet even a custom Email client like Mailchimp. That frequency could be changed from instant receiving of the lead to daily, weekly, monthly , whatever you tell us.

*Note...All data is stored automatically within the Zenithbotz for safe secure lead capture.
**This product could have other features added like the 
Discount Zenithbotz - 5% to 30% or 35% to 70% 
Just ask if you need a custom configuration, we are here to serve.

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