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This area is an overview of what our supporters page is set up for

We love support, and nowadays it comes in all manners 

This area is for our supporters, it is set up in hope it will attract more creative people, organisations and other like minded bot builders to participate and push the boundaries of Chat bot use and design.
At the moment the model we sell and use daily is a rule based model, a awesome tool, easy to use, easier to set up and way easier to deploy.
A little code snippet and its on most things lickity split.
We have a whole program evolving around this topic, it includes everything to start your own Digital Marketing Agency through to how we write the adds to send to prospective clients, so we are going for it here at NZ quantum Healing and Zenith Agency NZ.
Go 2021 the year of success.
This the supporters area is setup to fulfill a few financial goals and dreams, they range from acquiring new tech for us to build our agency faster'' allowing me to become more creative to then have more time for creating, deploying chatbots that we allready own to building and deploying then selling NLP based bots through too gaining financial support or clients, which ever comes first to deploy a Human Digital Assistant.
Personally I want a full on Digital Human Assistant, as well as NLP based "Chatbot system'' as well as the rule based system we have now, all compliment each other and go hand in hand, of course the first being the dream, so lets make it happen peoples.
Some clients will never take on the NLP model purely because of its costs let alone Digital Human Assistants and development time frames, way long to create, mainly because you really need to know what the client wants it to do, how it will be applied, the style of bot required, the list goes on.
I want us to offer an alternative model to sit alongside what we already have.
I will find the client for the Digital Human Assistant, because I want one too, so yeah simple as that.
So start with what I have. A Rule Based Chat Bot, static, but cool, build on it with NLP, again time to build, but will be affordable by many.
So you say what is NLP - Easy a short acronym for - Natural Language Processing. Simply put it is an applied AI - Artificial Intelligence program that helps our Chatbot when it pulls out information entered into it that it then communicates / relays back to our customers. The more information programmed into it, the quicker the response time can be due to the fact it knows the terms entered into it, so;. The Chatbot can then understand the intent of a question or conversation due to the multiple input parameters we programmed into it. rather than just use static pre programmed responses termed information to communicate and respond to any query input.
And when i say it takes a while to program I am not joking as there is a lot of ways to say things.
, .
For instance. Saying Hello, that one input may be a ...Hello, Hi, Afternoon, Morning, Hey man,Hey... alot of ways to just say hello, each has to be added otherwise it can not reply, simple as that.
So participate and join Zenith Agency NZ and our Zenithbotz A.I program.
It is evolving daily and the more people on board the faster we can bring it together and publish a model of our own. It costs heaps to do this, so we joined 
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The buymeacoffee platform will be our mechanism of funding our longterm goals. The portal also allows us to share and promote resources and even show them via live zoom meetings an monetize them to expedite the goals we wish to meet.

Offers made within the portal will be set at a different pricing structure, simply put you believe in the dream, you join the dream, you get things at a cheaper rate than non dreamers.

Go to our supports page and explore more, or choose the links above., it costs zero to follow us, noting it does cost to be a member, but each has perks, so explore and find out for yourself.