A lot of products ship free

Look for update notes on this page in red please before ordering from us

Update 25-02-2021.

Normal processing time for customer orders via NZ Quantum Healing are 2 - 4 business days and then the product is shipped.

Update 25-02-2021.

Normal processing time for customer orders via NZ Bound are normally 3 - 5 business days and then the product is shipped., Shipping we note at present has been up too 6 weeks over this the Covid 19 time, the reason for the processing time is this group sends products to us from other countries and that just takes longer.

Update 25-02-2021.

Normal processing time for customer orders via Medsupply are normally 3 - 5 business days until it is shipped 7 to 10 days worldwide.

Update 25-02-2021.

Normal processing time for customer orders via Fifth Avenue Collection Pieces are normally 2 - 3 business days until it is shipped. Refer to there website for all returns please, PS This business is in the BOP. of NZ.

Update 25-02-2021.

International Safemask Delivery View Here

Moving ON
If we cannot fill your order within 5 business days of looking at it, we will contact you direct. Your credit card will be charged when your order is placed.

Exceptions which may take longer to deliver your goods are - you live rural.

Note we do have a lot of products ship free everywhere and some flat rates still apply even though you live outside of NZ, that is pretty cool.

Wait up...I do not live in NZ or Australia, can you still send me goods, 


Other product lines for instance NZ Bound, those products ship from abroad, so delivery is dependent on borders being open. If it costs extra, or can be shipped quicker the option will be shown.

We note everything that has gone through NZ Bound has been between 3 too 6 weeks average since November 2020 and now 2021 end of January and things seem to have got worse abroad it seems to be even longer sometimes.

In saying that I ordered some products mid December and they are here now as I update this, so go figure.

Otherwise If the country you live in is listed (Here) join us and as it becomes active over this the 2021 year, you will be notified, just create an account with us and ensure your shipping address is accurate an subscribe to receive that notification.

PS....America just opened 10 day delivery active now but not used.

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A quick note regarding orders and shipping

When you check out from our store, you will see a Facebook Messenger widget on your checkout page you can opt in to receiving updates from Messenger.

To see the Messenger widget, you our awesome customer needs to be logged in to your Facebook account when you check out from our store.
After you opt in, you receive your order confirmation, out for delivery notification, and delivery updates direct inside Messenger. 

Also you need to opt in separately for each new order you place with us if you wish to use this method to track everything.

To turn off the option to receive updates, do so by selecting Order update settings from the Messenger menu.

Covid 19 Alerts: Please note that during this unusual time, we do still ship some items,alas - not all, with that said you should have only been presented with products that do ship now, if for some reason a product that is purchased does become non-ship-able, we will contact you to resolve the purchase ASAP.

Shipping times may take longer than usual, especially if the product comes from overseas; Three to four weeks easy is reasonable with the way things are here in NZ, customs is backed up hard, then local couriers get involved and that is the way it seems to be, we will keep you informed, we are in this together.

We use various couriers to get goods into NZ such as Sendle an essential service provider based in Australia and the US; That particular group ships our PPE to us, once in NZ, our great Local Courier and Postal Groups kick in, approximately a 7 day turnaround as a rule from product paid and arriving here.

Whereas the carriers which ship NZ Bound products, they take around 18 too 21 days to arrive in NZ, then our awesome Local Courier and Postal Groups come into play, approximately a 20 to 24 day turnaround as a rule from product paid and then it arriving here.

I have to add though we have had products randomly front in ten days so go figure. That is Covid-19 slowing things down.

So they our carriers / couriers like us must continue to follow the guidelines of governments and health authorities around the world because your safety and that of their delivery drivers is a top priority

Have peace of mind with contactless delivery options for both pickups and drop-offs. With contact-free delivery, you, the customer, and the delivery driver won’t need to come into contact, touch a pen, or a scanning device.