Real Estate Zenithbotz

Realty Estate and Chat Bots go hand in hand.

You are always busy so automate some of those mundane tasks and free up time

Communication without delay is exactly what your prospective client(s) seek.

We have you covered.

Welcome the Real Estate Zenithbotz your life saver

We all need to set up appointments. Yet some people have no way of achieving that simple goal, let alone finding it online and buying a booking system at a reasonable cost let alone being able to add in photos and relevant background that a prospective client seeks straight away, track it all, add it to your site to boost conversions and produce new lead opportunities while you are attending other matters, this is in the background working all the time.

Allow us to introduce to you this easy to use system, that will send all the relevant information to you straight away, all you need to do is follow up, simple as that; This is the one stop helper you have searched for, our 2021 pick for the up and going realtor. This is our Real Estate Zenithbotz.

The Real Estate Zenithbotz captures your clients Name, Email Address, there Telephone Number plus the Service Offering that they are requesting; As well as both the day and the Time Preferred for there appointment. 

You just need reply...simple, noting too' that if you have for instance, Google Workspace you can set it up to auto accept invitations inside your calendars.

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Dependent on how it is configured; The details the Zenithbotz automatically collects can be set up to be sent to you in real time to a specific email address, or a google sheet even a custom Email client like Mailchimp. That frequency could be changed from instant receiving of the lead to daily, weekly, monthly , whatever you tell us.

*Note...All data is stored automatically within the Zenithbotz for safe secure lead capture.
**This product could have other features added.
Just ask if you need a custom configuration, we are here to serve.