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Hi all, first things first; This page updates often.

Thankyou to everyone whom has supported our business during 2019 to 2020 and now 2021, it was a tough year breaking new ground and we are still here.

It was tough, yet you all made it worth while, we may not have broke even and things had been real shaky, there is light now, the tide turns slowly.

During the initial Covid-19 period we adapted our business to run in align with our governments guidelines, unfortunately some services have had to be axed an new ones like PPE, Personal Shopper, Zenithbotz all added with alternative contactless pick up / drop off options to both pay and receive goods ordered and more flexible payment options for those capital purchases.

We hope these changes assist all as we grow in this Covid -19' 2021 period

Well we all know how that went, carriers are horrid to deal with internationally wise, sometimes fast, other times costing charge backs, very scary.

I am Glad we are in 2021...and

Being 2021 I am excited to still be here,yeah. The team as at 20th Feb 2021 is back to a couple of us, as our senior business colleague undergoes medical procedures that will inhibit her being able to participate in this years growth and my other business partner pushes the home building side of our group, with that said. I will be working alone for a little while building our Personal Shopper Experience and the other NZ brands that are coming onboard to support that, I thank you and salute you, welcome all. I also want to acknowledge that Zenith Agency whom provide us with our chatbot Mr Zenith are on-boarding clients and we are officially there online platform for sales, exciting stuff.

All Zenith Agency NZ pricing is negotiable so please do get involved with us an the Zenithbotz chatbot product line.

Now there is a bit of admin to catch up on and the new system has been a learning curb to get around, but hey we have 3D format now and it opens other ways to interact with you with our products and services.

Now how to Shop with us during Covid-19  
At this stage we are in Level 2 within the BOP. as at 01-03-2021
Auckland is at Alert Level 3, rats and the rest of New Zealand is also at Alert Level 2.
We as a country are doing well.

At present 

The NZ Quantum Healing branch in the Bay Of Plenty is operating using the methods laid down by our government.
At present we offer a “Contactless Pickup” or “Home Delivery” method for you to purchase from us, we do not allow anyone to enter our work / home bubbles at present; Noting that when I find new premises this will again change, for now, it is how it is.
The Contactless Pickup system starts of course with all of us respecting the required social distancing and hygiene measures in place for the protection of you and our people when we place your products in the area for you to pick up.
( Please Note the time frames for you to collect your order from us for a Contactless pickup order are prearranged only } and for all NZ Bound home delivery orders, we use the courier groups our government says to utilize. Note the personal shopper experience is available in alert level 1, drop off is local.
Be safe everyone, help protect the health and wellbeing of those in your community by following all of our governments Covid-19 health requisites.

Please refer to the NZ Government announcements website for information about your region's current alert levels an all other relevant NZ news.

Other info on NZ Quantum Healing during alert levels is in our Help Section.

Be safe all.

See you live in our video feeds.

That is me - Shannon; Signing off now

PS - This page updates often