Personal Gift Shopper Background

You say what you want us to find for you or choose within the categories in the options and at our discretion we will choose on your behalf.

Once you choose a level of how much to spend, select a time-frame of when the gift has to be at recipients or when you will pick it up from us, thats the actual purchase out of the way.


This service is a specialized service, as such we need to communicate via phone and email and SMS text. We do this so you see what we have selected before it is purchased. Once agreed and then purchased, the gift is then ready for delivery.

We have included a Zenithbotz on the Personal Gift Shopper product page for you to fill out either during or after purchasing your gift. A very handy little bot Mr Zenith is, he can collect all the info we need about the gift and Add-ons offered to gain information relevant to the purchase, a real cool tool.

The Zenithbotz is self explanatory and helps us to get things rite from word go. Jump into it and fill it out so I know what we need to find for you.

I said it before and I will say it once more.

As a personalized service, everything we drop off, or you pick up from us, there is no couriers, that is us, so you need to be local BOP, otherwise a courier we will have to use or charge more for outer district deliveries, we will cross that bridge as we need to, at this stage I have not needed to venture onto the bridge to see what the other side looks like, but we will if asked, that will cost extra.

Note please - During the checkout process of your order, you will see a comment - notes section. Add some initial background details about your order there please and after purchasing is complete. 

Open our chatbot - Mr Zenith. Wait for the options tab to come up and select Services at the bottom.

Now go to Personal Gift Shopper select it and select Add Background. Choose the section relevant to your purchase, fill it in as applicable. it will come through our email to us to be added to your order.

Once we have it all, your order is on

Thank you