Hashtag Guidelines for posting

This will be a Work In Progress as we grow so shall this document.

This is an interesting topic, where do we limit expression to allow others posting rights and what is or is not allowed.

Generally speaking if it demeans someone or misrepresents who they are or what they’re doing.within the post or maybe it threatens people viewing it leading to the viewer feeling intimidated, maybe as it was viewed it seems as though the post or video is non authentic maybe it was termed by other viewers as degrading to others, or it showed a child being expolited or children hurt, none of that stuff is allowed.

So generally speaking as the old book says.

Treat others as you want them to treat you.

Keep it clean, keep it uplifting, keep it interesting , keep it truthful, keep it real.

Always, Always, Always
  • Keep things positive and upbeat.
  • Ensure your post's are engaging and informative, "tips" and "links" are helpful, just remember we may delete it if the landing page infringes the above statements.
  • Always, always, always Include images, people first look at an image before reading zip.
  • Please Note; Most of our users are on mobile devices, so try to keep your posts mobile friendly.
  • Never post if it will hurt others simple as that.