Extra info on Maaks


• Soft & comfortable inner cotton layer
• Waterproof outer shell with UPV 50+
• Antibacterial protection kills 99.9%
• Filters particles down to 1 micron
• Eco Friendly option, keeping landfills clean
• Save over 85% vs disposable masks
• Designed for comfort and all day wearability
• 1 universal size fit (StretchyFit® ear loops)
• Fabric certified against rashes and irritations
• ISO CE & INTERTEK certified


Many experts including the W.H.O recommend complex three layer fabric masks for the general public*

SafeMask® is a premium, 3-layer reusable mask that features Nano Technology.

SafeMask® is fully washable and reusable guaranteed up to 30 uses (tested up to 60).

One SafeMask® replaces hundreds of disposable masks going into landfill. Ordering SmartMask® not only keeps you safe but also saves our environment and landfills from unnecessary waste.


Water resistant & antibacterial

Water-resistant technology blocks droplets from coughs and sneezes.

Blocks small droplets and aerosols as small as 1 microns that are expelled when coughing, sneezing and talking.

The antibacterial treatment is tested to kill 99.9% of bacteria for your added protection.


SafeMask® is a 1 size universal fit

The SafeMask® design features the StretchyFit® ear-loops with a soft organic cotton inner layer making sure the mask is a snug and comfortable fit.


SafeMask® is designed for your comfort and protection

We are confident in our quality and your satisfaction. All purchases come with a money back guarantee should the product not meet your satisfaction.

*The WHO (World Health Organisation) recommends complex three layer fabric masks for the general public.

SafeMask® provides excellent protection but is not a N95 or surgical mask and is not intended for medical use. SafeMask® is a premium complex 3-layer mask as recommended by the WHO, with additional enhancements included. Protective face coverings are not 100% guaranteed to prevent against infection or the transmission of viruses or diseases. This product should be used in addition to practicing good hygiene while following the WHO recommendations on hand-washing and social distancing.

Please note if your stock request is greater than the 500 units we offer, or you wish to have your own brand on your masks, minimal branding requirements are 5000 piece orders, contact us here for a secure quick quote.