Discount Zenithbotz

Collect leads and reward the user.

This particular Zenithbotz' is single job focused on collecting a lead then reward the user with a discount code. It is designed to collect user information through interaction of less than two minute and then the lead is in your inbox; Done an Dusted.

This product can be bundled with other Zenithbot products.

Zenithbotz  engage your users with various pre selected subject matter, ranging from advertising your product(s) or discounts, images, videos, even create redirect-able hyperlinks, or short to long surveys, through to deep resource nodes, this nature of product has opened new areas of exploration in viral lead capture.The Discount Zenithbotz can be used as a stand alone product or an add-on to any other exisiting Zenithbotz product.

Welcome the Discount Zenithbotz series.

We believe, it should never be a complex task capturing your website visitor's details. If it is, you are using the wrong tool.

This particular Discount Zenithbotz series captures your clients Name, Email Address and there Telephone Number and gives them a discount to apply at checkout.

Like it, choose an option to buy - 5% to 30% or 35% to 70% 

*Note...All data is stored automatically within the Zenithbotz for safe secure lead capture.
**This product could have other features added like the 

This product needs configuring, refer product notes
Just ask if you need a custom configuration, we are here to serve.