Covid-19 Advisory Zenithbotz Wifi Assistant

The Covid-19 Advisory Zenithbotz Wifi Assistant - is an add-on to the manual Sign-in Counter / Kiosk Tracing Records method a lot of businesses use to track non employees.

We believe this should go hand in hand, alongside your business QR Codes tracking those people whom use there devices within your site to sign in.

Utilize that opportunity to gain leads and maintain government compliance; This is another tool your business can benefit from a' easy to use' no frills tracking tool, keeping you open, keeping you legal beagle and keeping everything contactless, add it to your stores entry policy for allowing wifi use, collect leads as you go.

Welcome the Covid-19 Advisory Zenithbotz Wifi Assistant.

Allow us to introduce to you the no mess, easy to use system, that will send all the relevant information to you straight away, all you need to do is keep the information safe and pass it over if ever requested.; That is the Covid-19 Advisory Zenithbotz Wifi Assistant.

We believe, it should never be a complex task capturing your website visitor's details. If it is, you are using the wrong tool.

This particular Covid-19 Advisory Zenithbotz Wifi Assistant captures your clients Full Name, Email Address and there Telephone Number and gives them your Wifi Password to use your public Wifi

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*Note...All data is stored automatically within the Zenithbot for safe secure lead capture.
**This product could have other features added like the 
Discount Zenithbot - 5% to 30% or 35% to 70% 
Just ask if you need a custom configuration, we are here to serve.