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021 114 1870

Shannon Faithfull: Owner / Operator (Here)

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General - info@nzquantumhealing.com

Owe'Owed - customeraccounts@nzquantumhealing.com

Sales - sales@nzquantumhealing.com

Office - admin@nzquantumhealing,com

I.T / Other - developer@nzquantumhealing.com

External - nzquantumhealing@hotmail.com

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BOP - CBD - NZ Quantum Healing: 5 B Manley Grove, 3112, BOP, NZ

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Services We Offer

Personal Gift Shopper

For when your time runs out, we have you covered, we buy it, wrap it and can deliver too, simple and easy.

Chatbots & Marketing

Chatbots are evolving and forging new lead generation techniques for customer Acquisition

Medical OEM Consumables

We source within a niche market, are you in need of help with fast delivery, we can help.

Shop - Brand or Chain needing taking up a level

As a Shopify Partner we get you up and running fast, no matter your location, you are covered.