Easy integration, seamlessly pass leads anywhere (to a Google Sheet, for example) or create advanced automation's with thousands of apps, zapier, klavico.

Works Everywhere and we mean everywhere you can insert a code snippet.
Easy and fast, that is the deployment all developers love to work with.

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Please note, we started our own digital agency at the end of 2020, it is awesome, with that in mind, if you need to....

Build or deploy simple automated chatbots that engage & delight your prospects, customers & users with a variety of exciting use cases,

examples are
Lead Generation

Give us a try, we are a boutique little group and work in a number of industry fields, do not be shy as this product is certainly changing the way business is done on line.

Lead Generation, Reinvented, that is us, leading the way

Forget static forms or boring surveys. Our automated chatbots are a new, engaging way to generate leads or survey for your prospects.

Collect emails? Run a survey? Generate bookings? Your only limitation is your creativity. Export leads from any of your bots to a CSV, or simply view them online. Touch base today. Note - Pricing ranges vary dependent on your needs. Add your details to our bot Mr Zenith to request a call back and receive extra information via email. Thankyou The Zenith Agency NZ Team

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