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About Us

NZ Quantum Healing operates in the BOP area within NZ.
We sell a range of products varying from Medical Masks - SafeMask a Registered Brand plus alternative Health Products.
We also stock Crystals and Stones, for instance Shungite Water Purification Chips or Natural Celestite Specimens.
For spice we have included a couple of other collections. Decorative and Just for Fun Products, both add value to our business hashtags.

more info on hashtags (Here)
We sell locally and abroad.
NZQH is a Retailer - Online / Social Media Shop

NZ Quantum Healing referred to as (NZQH) within our website’s and social media accounts operates from within the Bay of Plenty District area of New Zealand. (NZQH) central focus is the online platforms that support the product and service options offered to the general public and like.

Our Senior Amandah is a alternative health practitioner and Shannon, that is me; IT - Development is my craft, so you can say we are a small family type of orientated business.

In the beginning (NZQH) was designed to assist us in helping provide an alternative online shop and booking venue to both sell products and services on plus advertise myself and others to practice their trades within’ at an affordable cost, the advertising space for other like minded practitioners needing a more affordable marketing mechanism which was another income for the site. The online shopping channels originally where only available on our website portal. Now it is grown offering a OEM consumable medical sourcing back end plus wholesale website / online shop plus social media shops and it is still growing.
We are a young group, here since 2019 we are slowly growing in numbers.
We all have a common expression to help others, create opportunities for ourselves and others to get ahead and enjoy life as best we all can. Hence our motto and tagline / hashtag:


(NZQH) online shop supports a front-end retail outlet plus a wholesale back-end too on-sell variant product ranges and services offered on the (NZQH) online platforms.
At present we do not allow anyone to enter our work / home bubble space, we prefer to remain cautious, so options to buy are easy, choose Home Delivery via us NZQH (we do charge for this service) Domestic Courier ( which is already built into your purchase free of charge ) or contactless pick up from one of our (NZQH) Home Based Businesses and we do that by phone coordination.
During the initial Covid-19 period we adapted our business to run in align with our government's guidelines, unfortunately some services have had to be dropped and new ones like Home Delivery added with alternative contactless pick up / drop off options to both pay and receive goods ordered and more flexible payment options for those capital purchases. We hope these changes assist all and allow us to still grow in this later 2020 period.
We sell a range of products varying from - SafeMask® a Registered Medical Mask, plus alternative Health Products through to Crystals and Stones, for instance Shungite Water Purification Chips or Natural Celestite Specimens.
For spice we have included a couple of other collections. Decorative and Just for Fun Products.both add value to our business and go hand in hand with our motto  FOR THE LOVE OF LIFE and tagline:


 In 2020 ( NZQH ) was and still is termed a young business, under three years old, we are always learning and adapting our site to be as user friendly as possible, we appreciate and acknowledge the fact people want validity when buying online today, they want to see reviews and want too know that a product they buy is well researched. Hence the focus on the SafeMask® Med Supply Brand, which has huge traction world wide and as I will add as a group they have 20 plus years as a logistics giant within the medical groups as a lead supplier to many, many medical facilities everywhere.

Lastly, we are proud to add that recently here in 2020 we now sell abroad in Australia and hope to open an outlet there in early 2021. It is an exciting journey we are on here at ( NZQH ), so join us today.
Contact our Team members with the links below.
Lastly Please Note; The little chat button on the bottom left of any page connects to us, the one on the right Mr Zenith is a service bot and just so one knows, we are normally available if you need advice.
Thank you for reading our About Us page - Make a great Day;.

Office Hours


Mon - Fri, 11am - 5pm
Saturday, 11am - 9pm
Sunday, 11am - 9pm

Our Location

5b Manley Grove; Gate Pa' Tauranga 3112

Some Services We Offer

Unique Cakes for A Unique Person - That is you !!

Purchase a unique cake like You.

Gift Wrap That Pick Up

You bought it, or we brought it on your behalf, now it needs picking up, then as we do, wrap it up for that special somebody.

Pick Up and Delivery

We would have wrapped it if asked, at the end of the day though - that item or items needs delivery, we have you covered.


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