November Is nearly out of the way

November 26 2020 – Shannon faithfull

November Is nearly out of the way

November Is nearly out of the way

Do not be to slow on viewing this months afterpay lead up campaign for the 5th and 6h of December 2020, just sliding in there before Christmas.

The catalogs focus is on being able to offer retail priced products from a starting point of at least forty percent off and promote afterpay as the main payment method, it is a win win situation. This will run up until midnight the 6th of December 2020, everything in that catalog is 100% starting from forty percent off, we will remain active and man the chat systems for that special event.

With that said we are a small business, so we call upon you NZ to support us in our nation wide online event


Please interact with some of the Chatbots you see on our site, some are built to offer discount codes, others are built to offer advice or track orders, a cool tool designed by Zenith Agency NZ.


Tackling the hard stuff.

We have had a few products imported into NZ for a number of people, some have been quick to arrive, others not.

It has been a awkward time fielding carrier concerns, it is something we are working on closely, it is just such a lot of it is outside of our control and even though it is that way, it is embarrassing to field such calls and emails.

Transportation and storage are our number one logistic concern here and now, items seem to take a long time to get from anywhere, including when they are sitting in N Z at the airport, it is crazy out.

With that said, like myself, patience is sometimes needed and I need to remember to smile in the eye of a seconds outburst. What can you say, they purchased it, i would be annoyed too and have unfortunately done the same in past. So yeah, grin and keep moving forward and field another call.

On a positive note, our new look is launched and as you can see if you are already a NZQH client, it looks way different.

It is in preparation of opening other markets soon and our urge to grow internationally in 2021 and beyond.

We have gone a little further into marketing through our chatbot systems and now offer some services to commercial users and small business models of variant types. It is a great partnership and an amazing opportunity to be part of the conversational market lead generation automated platforms Industry, thank you Zenith Agency NZ.

That is me for now.

You will hear from me later in the week.

and lastly

hey hey hey its afterpay



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