25th Feb 2021

February 25 2021 – Shannon faithfull

25th Feb 2021

25th Feb 2021

Notes on site.

1 - Site revision occured today for all Zenithbotz products and there relevant pages, note please some links may stop on those products as these changes take effect and the site update. Completed 10.16pm 25-02-2021

2 - New payment gateways activate today so I can see all orders in one place, yeah, task ticked off. Active 12.30pm 25-02-2021

3 - Follow up on all orders completed to see why no reviews have been completed, the site is baron considering there is 50 plus orders over the last quarter, but alas not one review. W.I.P

4 - Will update again in the next 24 hours or so, just to keep everyone in the loop.

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