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  • Digital Human Chatbot - the next level

    Digital Human Chatbot - the next level

    March 02 2021

    An update on today's events. it has been a busy day, everything is in at Trademe for vetting of medical masks for on-selling on there platform, I got oppurtunity to also speak to a couple of NZ businesses for local products, so that is cool, plus a few more leads for Chatbots, so that was neat and my teeth are not so...

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Zenith Agency NZ

Maybe its a black Friday Lead generation you seek or one off bots for marketing, whatever it is, we have you covered.

Easy integration, seamlessly pass leads anywhere (to a Google Sheet, for example) or create advanced automation's with thousands of apps, zapier, klavico.

Works Everywhere and we mean everywhere you can insert a code snippet.Easy and fast, that is the deployment all developers love to work with.

Please note at present we recently started our own digital agency, it is awesome, with that in mind, if you need to....

Build or deploy simple automated chatbots that engage & delight your prospects, customers & users with a variety of exciting use cases,

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